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  1. B - Convention on Biological Diversity
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  4. Бармен с любезной улыбкой протянул Беккеру стакан: - A su gusto, senor.

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  6. Испанские власти обещали придержать информацию - столько, сколько смогут.

Imagine a diferenciální gel proti stárnutí who by the physical age of 50 doesn't mentally exceed his childhood, sings and makes copulative motions in public, whilst lreve proti stárnutí privacy, from time to time, cuts part of andair ag suisse proti stárnutí face away and sews on something else.

Is such a person able to make money in our society? Are these smaller amounts within the framework of liberal constitutional care? Until recently he had been earning loads of money.

A short time ago he died in Los Angeles, the news of which was the first thing told to me at 7A. Similarly, any andair ag suisse proti stárnutí meeting I had on that day started with the words: "Do you know that Michael Jackson has died?

The death of the week left me as indifferent as the funeral of a preceding week when, with the assistance of mourning people, the body of another bard, the Czech Waldemar, was placed in the ground of the mythical Vyšehrad.

Both names temporarily governed the general flow of talk and stirred it on and on, so despite one's coldness, one had to somehow deal with it. Andair ag suisse proti stárnutí was thinking. How come suddenly I can't think of things I want to think about? How come I have to keep thinking about guys I never knew, who never gave me anything and didn't inspire me?

And mainly: how is it that people, who know nothing more andair ag suisse proti stárnutí what every farmer knew one hundred years ago while he was managing his farmstead, earn more and attract the interest of more people than do, for instance, the government leaders of most countries, namely people andair ag suisse proti stárnutí have andair ag suisse proti stárnutí and should have lots of responsibilities?

Upon returning I was relaxed, completely myself and had almost forgotten who Angela Jolie was.

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I also remember a less famous guy who managed to inspire me with a single sentence. In the s he played in a Seattle rock band but later left for Alaska.

andair ag suisse proti stárnutí

Because, in his words: there someone can finish nejlepší vrásčitý noční krém thought. England, which once exported its industrial revolution to the world, now mainly exports pop music. And that made the pieces of my mind fall into place and I considered the crude background to it all. In the Western hemisphere, luxury got hold of the masses.

People andair ag suisse proti stárnutí not fully absorbed by making a living so they are bored. Boredom is a terrible thing. You may know from your own experience what it does to children — let alone the masses. Bored masses are a huge source of energy that requires continuous discharge or it will explode. This source is comparable to an oil field. So tapping from this source of energy can make one similarly rich.

Enterprising people have built an entire mining industry around it. andair ag suisse proti stárnutí

2112 - institucionální podpora na rozvoj výzkumné organizace (dříve "1100 - základní činnost")

It is called entertainment. They produce films, record music, devise games for which they cast appropriate celebrities who serve as the pipelines between the source the bored masses and the extraction company the production firm. These celebrities need to fulfil only a few, essential, preconditions: Good or andair ag suisse proti stárnutí least interesting looks — to attract the attention of the masses — and limited independent thought — so not to spoil the game.

Pipelines alone, however, won't do — we also andair ag suisse proti stárnutí a pumping station — the media — to continuously drive the fuel in the correct direction. They keep up the interest, focus the attention, and prevent the pipes from being ignored. The more the media have taken root among the people, the more effective they are.

No doubt you have at some point wondered what makes these models, actors, singers or football players deserve so much attention. I am quite sure it is because of the ever-increasing efficiency of the pumps and the near perfection of the production companies' extraction methods.

Anyone who exposes themselves to several hours a day of media activity is completely lost. Just try thinking up your own stuff when everybody else is prattling on about Madonna. Václav Cílek, however, was wrong.

B - Convention on Biological Diversity

The English don't export pop music, they have joined many other nations in laying the pipelines for the most powerful energy source of all times — for as long as the andair ag suisse proti stárnutí are bored that is. Praha je městem, které bude s jejich kariérou navždy spjato. They are focused, successful, they move in the most luxurious of environments in their branch. Prague is a city that will be connected with their career for ever.

Bylo to v únoru ve Štěpánské ulici a role kmotry parfumerie, kterou tam najdete dodnes, se zhostila herečka Jiřinka Bohdalová. V té době už jsme měli parfumerie FAnn v Brně a v Michalovcích, otevíraly se další Dnes objevíte jen v Praze FAnn na deseti místech.

Sídlíte v Brně. Praha vám není tak sympatická? To bych neřekla, ale Brno má pro mě velké kouzlo. Žiji v něm od roku a pojí mě s ním vzpomínky na krásné studentské časy. Mám doktorát na zdejší Přírodovědecké fakultě Masarykovy univerzity. A kromě toho: počátkem devadesátých let, kdy jsme FAnn zakládali, bylo Brno uprostřed Československa. Akční rádius na obě strany, od Michalovců po Cheb, byl prakticky totožný, a tak bylo možné z Brna firmu dobře řídit. Kdo vás ve vaší andair ag suisse proti stárnutí nejvíce ovlivnil?

Všechny obchodní aktivity, týkající se kosmetiky, jsme začínali rozvíjet společně s manželem.

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Takže jsme se ovlivňovali a inspirovali vzájemně Hodně se nechávám ovlivňovat vlastním instinktem. Osvědčilo se mi poslouchat můj šestý smysl — hlavně když jsem se ocitla na nějaké pomyslné křižovatce.

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Kdy jste si poprvé řekla, že jste v podnikání úspěšná? Takhle to nehodnotím.

andair ag suisse proti stárnutí

Mám radost, když se mi něco daří, ale sám toho člověk moc nedokáže. Máme štěstí, že se nám podařilo sestavit sehraný tým lidí, kteří se významně podílejí na úspěších a rozvoji firmy. That was in February in Štěpánská street.

Actress Jiřina Bohdalová christened the shop which, by the way, is still there. At the time we already had FAnn perfumeries in Brno and Michalovce in Slovakia and we were busy opening others… Today in Prague you can find FAnn perfumeries in ten locations.

You are based in Brno. Is Prague not as pleasant in your view? I wouldn't say that, but for me Brno has a special charm. I have lived there since and memories of my student days — I have a doctorate from Masaryk University Faculty of Science — tie andair ag suisse proti stárnutí to the place.

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Besides, in the early nineties, when we set up FAnn, Brno was at the centre of the then-Czechoslovakia. Our operating range in both directions — to Cheb andair ag suisse proti stárnutí Michalovce — was practically the same. So the company was easy to manage from Brno. Who has influenced you most in your career? When it comes to cosmetics, I developed the business ideas together with my husband. I allow myself to be influenced by my instincts a great deal.

Listening to my sixth sense has proved useful — whenever I found myself at a crossroads of some sorts. When came the moment you could say to yourself that you are a successful businesswoman? I am happy if something works out well but there is little someone can manage on their own.