Fondation pro Helvetia suisse anti aging, MARIE BLABOLILOVÁ (*1948)

Fondation pro Helvetia suisse anti aging

For the first time graphic works from the Egon Schiele Art Centrum are exhibited. We are preparing the exhibition in cooperation with the Embassy of the Estonian Republic in Prague and with the Ministry of Culture of the Estonian Republic in Tallinn.

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On the occasion of his 75th birthday the Egon Schiele Art Centrum dedicates an extensive exhibition encompassing all the creative periods of one of the most talented Austrian commercial artists - as well as painters and draughtsmen.

Apart from his masterly, large-scale woodcuts, which illustrate significant texts of world literature, his nudes, portraits, townscapes Prague and landscapes are displayed in the form of etchings, ink drawings, watercolours, gouaches and?

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In every case he proves himself to be a good technician. His large plastics are an integral part of public areas in cities such as Bochum and Hamm in Germany, the Olympic park in Seoul South Korea or in Tachikawa part of Tokyo.

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Lives and works in Prague, where he has lead the class for monumental work since as a professor at the Academy of the Visual and Graphic Arts. The largest and highest hall in the Egon Schiele Art Centrum has been made available for his exhibition together with spaces in front of and behind the museum complex and in our inner courtyard.

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Both older work - particularly from the 60's — as well as more recent models of monumental projects and sketches will be displayed. Exhibition kindly supported by Metrostav.

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The bilingual catalogue sides with circa black and white illustrations and around coloured plates in Czech and German can be ordered through the above-listed contacts at the price of 18 EURO plus postage. Běla Kolářová b. The exhibition in the Egon Schiele Art Centrum in Český Krumlov is her most extensive retrospective exhibition to date in honour of her 80th birthday.

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Karel Hlaváček is mainly known to a wider public as a poet from the period of Symbolism and Decadence. Stanislav Kolíbal b. Fondation pro Helvetia suisse anti aging accompanying publication is based on a principle that has been unknown in this country till now.

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The author comments on his work himself. This manner of interpretation breaks down the borders between the artist and his public thus enabling the viewer to enter the artist's world and get acquainted with his sources of inspiration and the hidden meaning of his individual works.

The interactive, multi-medial exhibition which can be heard in 10 languages, presents his musical and pictorial talent together with artefacts connected with his own activity as a composer.

Accompanying programme: On Thursday 5.

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The Egon Schiele Art Centrum will present a selection of his graphic work from throughout his creative life. The cooperation with the artist was exceptionally pleasant and Fondation pro Helvetia suisse anti aging ESAC therefore looks forward to having the opportunity to work together with Milan Knížák in the future.

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