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Hough NOV 22, Trump's problem the last month was to stem the losses from the affluent so he said things they wanted to hear. But the average white American georges durand suisse anti aging he was responding to a revolutionary tide in the West.


They responded to his outrage precisely because the establishment was outraged and they felt he would roll over them as President. This column is part of the utter denial of the Establishment of the anger at what Marx literally was writing about--the suppression of wages to increase profits. They own stocks which means ownership of the means.

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The market went from in to 19, while wages were stagnant because of stock holder oppression of the workers. The tax system was totally unfair, the opposite of what Shiller implies. Go on Google georges durand suisse anti aging read Bannon's interview with the Hollywood Reporter. That is the ideology of the revolution and of Trump.

The state must eventually take over the means of production from capital engaging in sabotage against labor. Robert J.

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It makes no sense for a society to decide whether georges durand suisse anti aging not to produce based on the sole purpose of making or not private corporate profits.

Whenever and whatever the society needs, production must take precedence over private corporate profits.

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It goes without saying that the renewable energy and georges durand suisse anti aging projects should be the two leading socially needed tasks for the state to take capital on at its own game.

In the job market, state enterprises should participate in educating, training, hiring and paying livable wages so that people can pay healthcare and other expenses such as child care, maternity leave, etc.

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The monopsonistic job market which results in unemployment, underemployment and stagnant wages should be made duopsonistic or pertaining to two buyers competing for labor, i. Capital, on the contrary, has been beaten by its own game of accumulation and self-aggrandizement without limit; it has found itself falling into a pit of its own digging, namely the pit of automation and technology as these major means of production turn against and haunt it by reducing its profitability hence bring forth barriers of production, development and growth.

But a tricky and sticky matter as such is actually a great boon for the country in the hands of a society-needs-based system in which people will save time and efforts in production for the common good. When anciens régimes fall into the hands of new systems, they will transform georges durand suisse anti aging their opposites and flourish anew.

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Workers do realize that their surplus labor power enriches capital with unpaid surplus values as profit and the right approach to get even with capital is not through redistribution of income but through getting the upper hand of retaining their own economic power hence their own surplus values.

The corporate share of federal tax revenue has dropped by two-thirds in 60 years.

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General Electric, Boeing, Verizon and 23 other profitable Fortune firms paid no federal income taxes. As a matter of fact, all political-economic policy tweaking sees to it that the establishment burdens the bottom lines of capital as little as possible by every conceivable means. Victor Morris Nov 29, I believe the simple fact of a complete republican sweep of power reveals a strong message to all political leaders, that this may be your last chance to bring the country back to health for the middle class, the true engine of growth, patriotism and civil stability for our great country.

- Я… я не могу.

Reply A new reply to this comment has been posted. Pavlos Papageorgiou Nov 29, Shiller gives us an insightful look at why the American working class voted Trump.

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They don't want redistribution, Shiller says, because it's contrary to how they perceive American values. They just want their bargaining power back.

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Well then they're completely doomed, because they're also opposed to unions, or regulations, or anything that might give them their bargaining power back. The idea of the working class having bargaining power is now seen as contrary to American values. At some point America stopped believing in collectivism.

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They stopped believing that they'd be cared for by national health insurance, or social security, or a city pension georges durand suisse anti aging a union. Instead, in the brave new new world, working people will be cared for by the market.

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And to make sure people are motivated to provide care and services in the market, at affordable prices, the working people who have to provide those services have to be kept quite poor. To make them work for it.

Which means destroying their bargaining power. Barry McHugh Nov 29, Lovely analysis. I would add that higher interest rates with that higher USD are broadly empowering to working population due to the removal of the financial oppression that can occur where real interest rates are so low that households struggle to add anything through saving. Reply Nov 28, "Eppur si muove" Just because many people believe that the earth is flat and doesn't revolve around the sun it doesn't make it truth.

Donald Trump a pocit moci by Robert J. Shiller - Project Syndicate

Once again its being proved how dangerous can be stupidity Reply A new reply to this comment has been posted. A new reply to this comment has been posted. Trump could take precaution from some of his most recent GOP predecessors' tax cuts for the same group of institutions and individuals did not yield desired result for the American economy.

Moreover, the US economy is still reeling from the budget deficit from the previous GOP governments' tax cuts.

Он извинился перед немцем за вторжение, в ответ на что тот скромно улыбнулся. - Keine Ursache. Беккер вышел в коридор.

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Also the financial crisis it created from low interest rate and financial deregulation is not yet fully settled. James Flint Nov 27, As usual our poor, uneducated our fault citizens vote against their own self-interest and fall for silly promises born of their resentment for anyone seen as elite the real elite always get the big tax cuts.

Donald Trump a pocit moci

Don't worry, neither can anyone else who has their head screwed on the right way and is not delusional. I am a democratic socialist. Social Darwinism runs against every instinct in my body. I think that you might have japonská maska​​ na obličej vrásek my post.

Nov 28, Social Darwinismthat's the answer you are looking for.

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You solve the poor problem with the Ricardian solution, low wages and economic sterilization. Eugenics has always been a favored method of conservatives Reply A new reply to this comment has been posted. Is it any wonder that growth has all but flatlined in the US? Nov 27, Show paragraph I'd suggest that every voter be able to read and learn how to interpret the charts on pages Maybe additional data will be updated only after the inauguration?