Kvantitativní analýza proti stárnutí. Sociologické studie | Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.

Czech Abstrakt: This master thesis focuses on the qualitative aspects of population aging in the European Union countries.

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Demographic aging is currently a topic of high interest in all developed countries and is often referred to as a demographic catastrophe. This is caused by looking only at the increasing life expectancy but should be assessed kvantitativní analýza proti stárnutí while considering the quality of life in the old age.

The dimension of quality is demonstrated through various indices of health, such as summary measures of population health.

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These are described and analyzed in some chapters of this masters thesis. The aim of this research is to assess the development of the population structure and to test the hypothesis about the theory of compression of morbidity in all the European Union countries. Furthermore, these countries are also compared by their performance in Health state expectancies.

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This thesis concludes with an evaluation of the relationship between the population aging and the age of retirement and the finding of connections in the European Union countries via cluster analysis.