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Sdílet A postcard by a Czech designer sparks a conversation with Raphael Sperry. This is a smaller movement, lccc suisse anti aging less visible, and no more a threat to U. Lccc suisse anti aging picked up this postcard and sat down with architect Raphael Sperry, who was distributing it at the American Institute of Architects National Convention in Boston, the largest annual gathering of American architects.

He contributed to the text on the back of the postcard, which argues that the current American prison system is not only morally questionable but also a financial drain that ultimately reduces budgets for societal needs such as schools and health care.

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One of the ways for me as a designer is to promote or help other organizations that already do that. I didn't know anything about the prison problem before reading about it on the ADPSR website and other sources that covered the topic. RS: ADPSR held a design competition for a poster that would explain to our audience of architectural designers and planners why not to work on future prisons and jails.

This image is a kind of typical graphic design outline-person, but constrained in a small box made by the outline of the postcard.

The overlay of the grid paper lccc suisse anti aging remind architects of one of the common tools of the trade. So it heightens the connection between graphic design and drafting and the situation of incarceration.

The competition had three winners and this was one of them. Jan Šabach is a graphic and product designer who was working in New York City at the time and responded to the open call for entries in this competition. His use of this kind of standard language of graphic design was one of the things that resonated with the selection panel.

Also the kind of high-contrast, high impact design, people felt was a powerful aspect of his entry. PG: What inspired you to become a part of this campaign? RS: When the American peace movement failed to stop the rush to war in Iraq, I thought we needed to do more to build a popular consciousness around peace and nonviolent conflict resolution in day-to-day life among Americans.

lccc suisse anti aging

Lccc suisse anti aging was dimly aware that there were big problems in the US prison system, and, being an architect, I felt prisons are about buildings in a way that few other social institutions and problems are. Some friends invited me to join the board of ADPSR and I did more research on the prison system, and was shocked to lccc suisse anti aging just komplex Nuva proti stárnutí inequitable, racist and violent it actually is.

So, to me, working for social justice in the realm of prisons is an extension of working for peace on the international lccc suisse anti aging. RS: Many of the problems really start in the legal systems and end up in the prison system.

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The US now has over one percent of lccc suisse anti aging adult population behind bars, lccc suisse anti aging is eight to ten times the per capita rate of incarceration of any other industrialized country and is the highest rate of any country in the world, even including countries that hold political prisoners.

PG: But many Czechs, for example, would say that Czech laws and Czech prison sentences are not tough enough, especially for violent crimes. Those people feel that the American system is a lot fairer to the victims.

But the public also demands that prisons attempt to rehabilitate people to change their behavior.

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Making longer sentences does not solve this dilemma. PG: This seems a little over-idealistic in terms of human nature and the psyche of certain violent criminals in particular. Is there any hard sociological lccc suisse anti aging other empirical evidence to support the view that rehabilitation without punishment can really reform the majority of violent criminals? RS: Well, first I should point out that the majority of people in American prisons are non-violent offenders.

Prison: a state-run facility for convicted felons with long sentences.

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Jail: run by a local government, it holds inmates with short sentences and suspects awaiting trial. PG: So are you saying, in a sense, that we might be able effectively to separate run-of-the-mill offenders from the most violent offenders in order to facilitate a system of rehabilitation that works as prevention of crime and recidivism?

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Professional approaches to prison management stress segregating the prison population according to their expected behavior within the prison.

I hear it a lot. In California, for instance, where I live, every prison classroom and gymnasium is in use as an overflow housing unit because we put so many people in prison. A new prison just opened, and on the lccc suisse anti aging first day, all of the spaces for rehabilitation activities were already being used for extra housing. We hope to change that dynamic by educating architects and the general public about the lccc suisse anti aging implications of such a large prison system.

RS: Yes. Over the past thirty years, the crime rate has lccc suisse anti aging dramatically, both up and down, twice. But the number of people in prison has only kept increasing.

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PG: Could you say more about the economic lccc suisse anti aging of the U. RS: Operating our prisons the way we do is incredibly expensive.

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For instance, with the longer sentences we have here, we have an increasing number of geriatric prisoners who can cost double, triple or more what it costs to incarcerate a younger person, but who pose far, far less of a threat to the public. Also unique to the United States is the phenomenon of private prison companies, who contract with the government to hold prisoners on a per-person, per-day fee. Just as troubling, with a prison system as large as ours: the associations and unions of prison guards are also big political players who have a financial interest in keeping more people in jail.

The smaller system we envision is more tailored to public safety and far less open to corruption and political lccc lccc suisse anti aging anti aging than what you see today in the United States.

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Why other countries would aspire to what we have is beyond me. Sdílet Komentáře Aktuálně. Tím, že zde publikujete svůj příspěvek, se zároveň zavazujete dodržovat Kodex lccc suisse anti aging. Pokud Váš text obsahuje hrubé urážky, vulgarismy, spamy, hanlivá komolení jmen, vzbuzuje podezření z porušení zákona, je celý napsán velkými písmeny či jinak odporuje zdejším pravidlům, vystavujete se riziku, že jej editor smaže.

Lccc suisse anti aging Vám zajímavou a inspirativní výměnu názorů. Libor Stejskal, editor blogů blogy aktualne. We live in a peculiar time, when shoot first and aks never is a common lccc suisse anti aging. So chill. About prisons, there certainly are issues that needs to be resolved.

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Private companies running prisons is an interesting idea but certainly not without problems. But arguing for no prisons at all is of course childish.

lccc suisse anti aging

What you do with violent criminals? Shoot them right away? Or put them on a boat to Cuba? A bit childisch and simplex interpretation. So chill.

lccc suisse anti aging