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The players must be citizens of the country they represent.

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By entering the competition, the players consent to collection and further processing of their name, surname and their country of nationality by Wargaming, as may be needed for the purpose of verifying the qualifiers in which they are supposed to play.

At the end of the national qualifiers, IP checks will be conducted to ensure that this rule is respected.

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In case the IP does not match the selected qualifier, the players will be asked via forum, in-game messaging, or via their registered email to provide proof of citizenship, and will have 24 hours to provide this.

Failing to provide proof of citizenship may result in disqualification. In case a team is disqualified, the second team will take its place. If additional games are required to determine a winner, the teams will be contacted accordingly.


The details date and time will also be available on the page of the relevant qualifier. National qualifiers structure: Group Stage - Teams will be divided into groups of four.

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The top two teams advance to lt su suisse anti aging next stage. Group stage point distribution: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for defeat. If two teams have an equal amount of points, their ranking will be based on their head to head ratio. In case of draws in the single elimination tournament, both teams will be removed from further competition.


The battles are played in the Encounter mode for the group stage and first rounds of playoff. Team sides on the maps are decided randomly by the system.

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In case of a large amount of sign ups there may be a possibility of having some rounds of qualifier being played the following day. Note: the team that wins the national qualifiers of Germany automatically advances to Gamescom to play as the host nation.

WoT Euro Cup - Lithuania

All of the countries are sorted into eight groups of four to five teams. They play a round robin tournament. The top two teams of each group advance to the next stage.

It will be best of three.

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The duration of a battle is seven minutes. Tie breakers are used to determine the outcome of a draw. The team that won a battle the fastest decides which side they play on.

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The map will be the one they won on. WG may organize livestreaming of this stage's matches, and for that reason teams may have delays of their games along with different questions, depending on livestream requirements.

The top three teams qualify to go to the Finals at Gamescom.

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They will be best of three. Euro Cup Offline Finals at Gamescom: Euro Cup Offline Finals at Gamescom: The teams that finish in the top three at the end of the European qualifiers, and the team from Germany as the host nation will be eligible for the finals in Cologne during Gamescomon August 24 and The cost of travel and accommodation will be covered by Wargaming for all participants. All participants are required to be physically present at Gamescom lt su suisse anti aging be able to play in the finals.

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Any participant under the age of 16 will be required to travel with a parent or guardian. The cost of travel and accommodation will be covered for that person.

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All the participants will require a valid passport or ID card and, if necessary, the relevant legal authorization VISA to enter Germany. The players will receive a separate offline rulebook and guidelines when they qualify. Players should show a high level of professionalism while conducting themselves with locals, staff, and organisers.


Tournament Schedule: Registration starts on 30 June lt su suisse anti aging ends on 7 July. The teams participating will be contacted in order to arrange the lt su suisse anti aging and livestreaming. If your team is missing gold or any other rewards AFTER two weeks, you may report it on the lt su suisse anti aging by posting in the section of the specific tournament or contacting customer support.

All rewards are per player, unless otherwise specified. In such cases, the lt su suisse anti aging is given based on the points accumulated.

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The exact rewards, including the physical goodies and prizes, can be found on the tournament announcement page.